The safety aspect is the scarlet thread running through Splashtours’ management. The safety of Splashtours is a condition for the continuity of the company. The amphibious bus is unsinkable and technically approved by the Central Ship Inspection Commission (ZSUK) and possesses certificates (official ship certificate) from the ZSUK and a vehicle registration document and/or permit from the German Roads and Traffic Authority (with approval by the Rhineland Technical Control Board, of course).

The amphibious bus is equipped with all necessary safety arrangements. The crew of Splashtours are trained as company safety employees. This training includes fire-fighting, evacuation, reanimation and first aid for accidents. In addition to this, the crew receives constant further training to be able to bring passengers to safety at any time.

Apart from the fact that Splashtours itself puts a lot of commitment into safety, there are of course numerous laws and regulations that Splashtours has to adhere to; including the following:

  • Regulation for Bus Drivers
  • Regulations for das Bus Companies
  • Regulations for the Bus
  • Regulations for Ship Inspection


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